The special property of the cactus is its high resistance to tearing, which is the highest among natural fibers. They ensure excellent durability in the final product. The most common application is in mattresses for hotels and uniforms, giving longer life and resistance to extreme use. The main exporters are Yucatan Mexico, Bahamas, Indonesia, Philippines, Southeast Africa. The procedures are similar to those of flax. The fibers are separated from the fleshy parts, and the leaves are crushed. The fiber is washed with clean water and exposed to the sun to dry and bleach.

In addition to high tear strength, fibers have another important property, which contributes to comfort. Because it is a natural material of plant origin, the fibers are not charged with static electricity, so there is no hot, wet and annoying sensation, which occurs in fibers of synthetic origin. This keeps the body temperature constant.

The fibers provide ventilation to the mattresses. They are very hygroscopic. They absorb the moisture that the body gives during sleep as sweat and expel it into the air quickly. In this way they successfully regulate the sleep climate.

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