Rubberized Hemp Fiber

Made in Slovenia


  • Hempquickly absorbs moisture from sweat during sleep (up to 20 % of their dry weight), without feeling moist to touch. They also quickly give it away.
  • Secures ventilation, keeping the mattress permanently fresh and free of mould, fungus and bacteria, which are food for mites.
  • Εliminates hot, wet and annoying sensation and odors as well.
  • Hemp fiberis two to three times stronger than cotton, adding durability to the mattress.
  • It creates pleasant environment to nervous system. Not being charged with static electricity, it doesn’t cause sweating, which occurs in the fibers of synthetic origin.
  • Hempgrants airiness and freshness, keeping body temperature steady.
  • Ecofriendly: No pesticides and fertilizers are needed. It needs 5 times less water than cotton and it’s carbon footprint is low.
  • OEKOTEXCLASS ICertificate: non-toxic and non-allergic


*Our materials are used by selected mattress manufacturers and