Sea Grass


Seagrass is the name given to the leaves of a palm tree that grows in the sea area of Morocco and in areas with a similar climate in other parts of the world. It is called sea grass, because when its green leaves are cut, the fiber is long and narrow, like grass and has a pleasant smell that looks like hay.

In the furniture industry, grass was used as a substitute for bamboo and mainly as a material for mattresses. When used as a mattress material it is twisted and tied. Once loosened, the twisted sheets remain bulky, providing a product with elasticity and comfort.

The habits of the technologies used to make mattresses or upholstered furniture are acupuncture and vulcanization. Among all the other materials suitable for mattresses, the sea grass is distinguished for the fresh pleasant smell, which is maintained for a long time after harvest. Pure Aromatherapy.

*Our materials are used by selected mattress manufacturers and