Tooper Talalay
…Earth’s Most Perfect Sleep Material

Produced in Usa



It’s Luxuriously Comfortable Talalayhas a buoyant feel that’s unlike any other sleep material.

You don’t sink into Talalay…you float.

It’s exceptionally resilient and responsive, too, allowing it to conform instantly to your body’s curves—whether you’re on a Talalaypillow or topper—relaxing muscles, relieving tension, and promoting proper spinal alignment.

And thanks to our exclusive TalaFlex™ Open-Cell Technology, Talalayis the most breathable sleep material available. Our technology maximizes air circulation and maintains the optimal temperature for your comfort to help you get the restorative sleep your lifestyle demands.

  • Made of all Natural Talalay
  • Healthy, Breathable and cool
  • Luxurious Buoyant Support, no ordinary topper can match.
  • Enough bounce to be irresistible
  • OEKOTEXCLASSICertificate: non-toxic and non-allergic.

*Our materials are used by selected mattress manufacturers and